a bit about me:

As a SOS Health Coach, I am the person to call when you are fed up not knowing what to do to get yourself well. I am your supportive mentor that will help you and look and feel your best through food and lifestyle changes and a tailored program that meets your needs.


If you are struggling with unwanted symptoms within the hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems, we can run some labs with Functional Testing to investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions. Once we know what is the root causes of your symptoms, I then have the ability to create for you customized protocols to help you restore health.


Weight Loss - Wendy is the co-founder the co-founder of Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss in Oceanside, NY. Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss offers all-natural, personalized and customized weight loss programs. Wendy has successfully helped well over 300 people achieve their goals.

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