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I am also the Owner of

Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss


At Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss, my guided approach to weight loss starts with healing relationships with food, mind and body. I create customized programs considering the bio-uniqueness, health concerns and goals of each client. I work with each client on a personal level to establish a strong foundation for positive lifelong changes to enable them to reach their goals.

My mission is to empower my clients with the tools they need to create new emotional and nutritional patterns in order for them to live a healthy and energetic life. Meaningful change does not come easy; therefore, I will provide them with the consistent support they need to stay the course.


The success of my approach is proven when my clients’ eating challenges no longer control their life and many health concerns decrease or resolve themselves naturally. I know that I have done my job when my client’s well-nourished body can now become the vehicle to live a lifestyle that is healthy and meaningful.   




Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss

Located at The Selby

696 Merrick Avenue

Westbury, NY 


Book a consult here:

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