Wendy is an FDN Health Practitioner

Functional - working with and respecting the body and how it works. The body's innate intelligence and desire for homeostasis, balance. 

Diagnostic -  identify healing opportunities using functional lab work to resolve most common health complaints at the causal level. 

Nutrition - To nurture and feed the body's cells, tissues, organs and systems. To provide everything the body genetically requires.

Are you caught in the "Cycle of Trial and Error" seeing different practitioners, trying lots of things but frustrated because nothing works?

Do you want to find out the underlying causes of your symptoms instead of just treating them

Do you want to work with a practitioner who can clearly correlate your symptoms with test results and offers you personalized, drug free, natural solutions ?

Do you struggle with common, stress-related health complaints that need to be addressed at the root cause such as:

  • Allergies, acne and rosacea

  • Blood sugar, diabetes

  • Infertility, insomnia

  • Headaches and fogginess

  • Indigestion and bloating

  • Fatigue, lethargy, malaise

  • Inflammation, pain, asthma

  • Low sex drive, PMS, irregular cycles

  • Depression, anxiety, emotional fragility

  • Hypertension, cholesterol problems

  • Excessive weight gain, can't lose weight

Have no fear, Wendy's here!


Using the FDN approach, Wendy uses lab results to correlate with your health history and/or complaints. Once healing opportunities are identified, we act on them with the DRESS for Health Success ® Program and drugless protocols and behavior requirements for supporting the bodies innate healing ability to return to health.

Wendy work with functional lab testing to identify malfunctions and healing opportunities in these systems:

  • Hormone

  • Immune

  • Digestion

  • Detoxification

  • Energy Production 

  • Nervous System

Common Contributors to Metabolic Chaos:

  • Inflammatory foods, additives

  • Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs

  • Alcohol, caffeine, blood sugar

  • Prescription medication

  • Recreational drugs

  • Chemicals, metals

  • Radiation, EMFs

  • Antibiotics, OTC meds

  • Exogenous hormones (birth control)

  • Parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses

  • Sleep Deprivation, no exercise

  • Allergies, over-active immune

What We Uncover In the Labs

  • Adrenal related dysfunction

  • Circadian rhythm problems

  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption

  • Pro-oxidant vs, anti-oxidant imbalances

  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction

  • Hormone dynamics

  • Inflammation, immunodeficiency

  • Sluggish liver, detoxification

  • Bacteria and yeast overgrowth

  • Antigenic overload and pathogenic considerations

  • Biofilms, biotoxins

"Symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the problem" ~ Reed Davis

You have the opportunity to engage in a committed relationship of behavior modifications and a lifestyle which supports the body's innate healing ability through a personal D.R.E.S.S for Health Success Program. This is an opt-in self care model that offers you a choice to participate in your health. 

Functional Assessments Includes These 3 Tests:

  • DUTCH Complete is a comprehensive analysis, including progesterone, estrogen, androgen and cortisol metabolites. Unique diurnal free cortisol patterns, along with metabolites, are used to complete the HPA-Axis picture. 

  • DSL - GI-MAP - assess a patients microbiome with attention to bacteria, parasitic and viral pathogens that can disrupt the normal microbial balance and contribute to GI illness. For individuals with symptoms of: Chronic and Acute Gastroenteritis, IBD, IBS, Autoimmune Disease, SIBO, Suspected H. Pylori Infection, Fungal or Yeast Infections, Bacterial and Parasitic Infections, Intestinal Permeability and Viral Pathogens. 

  • US Biotek IgG - Food Sensitivity Test 


After reviewing your lab tests Wendy will create for you an all-natural 90-Day Plan, She will go over this during a two hour Results and Recommendation Session and Supplement Session. After, your bi-weekly support and sessions to assist you with all phases of your plan will begin.This is a process of education and support using the DRESS protocols, observation, and appropriate re-testing and follow up labs for hidden stressors. 

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