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Going Back to the Source

The body is an object.

It fits together like a complicated machine.

The machine breaks down over time.

The body's machinery is constantly attacked by germs and other microbes, which are also tiny machines on a molecular scale.

I was looking for some Monday Motivation today so I looked to my bookshelf for some ideas. This is when I found the above principles from Edison in the Deepak Chopra book, "Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul". Even though it says that these ideas are outmoded, I really don't think so, especially now.

Here is some readings from this chapter that I would like to share in the order I found it interesting and enlightening. I hope you do too:

The process of life

At this moment your body is a river that never stays the same, a continuous stream merging hundreds and thousands of chemical changes at the cellular level. Those changes aren't random; they constantly serve the purpose of moving life forward and preserving what's best from the past.

No more breakdowns, only breakthroughs

You, right this minute, stand at the growing tip of evolution. The next thing you think, the next action you take, will either create a new possibility for you, or you will repeat the past. The areas of possible growth are enormous and yet mostly overlooked, It's worth making a list to see what the territory ahead looks like.

Are You Ready For Change?

Although we may have all lived with outmoded ideas about the body. the momentum of change has been gathering. The old model shows many signs of breaking down. Have you been part of this change?

Energy and Health

Consider the most basic function of energy, which is to keep your body alive. Your body is in a healthy state when its energy is in a healthy state. Such a notion goes beyond the worldview of mainstream medicine. A hundred years ago, germs were the stars of medicine. All the excitement centered on discovering new bacteria and viruses, matching them up with diseases they caused, and then killing the germs before they could hurt the body. Recently, genes have been the new star of the show until now. The other star should be energy, because germs and genes, like any object are reducible to energy and therefore all harm caused to the body is traceable to this fundamental force.

The tiniest change in energy, no more than a few words can lead to massive physical disruption. A person may be living happily, only to get unexpected news and injecting this information into the body has the same effect as injecting a physical substance, chemical changes occur immediately so imagine what all of us are going through during this pandemic but dealing with energy is the most effortless way to heal yourself because you are going directly to the source.

Tuning in to your soul

We already know the body is aware. By tuning in to it, you can increase its awareness. Tuning in is also how you clear a channel to the soul. You tuning in to your soul any time you choose to grow and expand. On the other hand, when you turn out, the soul connecting is blocked. Anytime you choose to contract in your awareness, the channel to our soul is squeezed shut. Everyone experiences both states. As mystically as we talk about the soul, being connected to it comes down to everyday experience.

In all honesty, none of us knows when the first day on the path was - or when the last day will be. Therefore, the best thing to do is live every day as if it was its first and last. A new world is born in spirit every time the sun rises. Life is perpetually fresh, so your path can be just as fresh. Otherwise, if you postpone your life, waiting for a great and glorious gift to be bestowed, the gift may never come and your life will be postpones forever. Wholeness must be seized at this moment, because eternity dawns only in a moment like this one. The goal of the following steps is to make wholeness a daily possibility. Vision and reality want to come together. The time to make that happen is now.

Step 1. Nourish your "Light Body". Your soul acts as your spiritual body. As such, it needs to be nourished. In the same way your cells exchange oxygen and food, your spirit sends and receives subtle energy or light. Your heart, liver, brain and lunch, all your organs, literally survive on light coming from the sun. Every bite of food represents trapped sunlight that your body releases into chemical and electrical energy. Your cells have no future except through light. Nourish your light body by feeding it with meaning. Recognize the quality of the soul that appeals to you and interact with the potential that wants to unfold.

Step 2. Turn Entropy into Evolution

Your soul offers a future that is a rising arc this moment forward. There will be no flat plateaus or slippery slopes to slide back down. Such a future depends on constant renewal. Your vision must remain fresh, and that can only happen if you find fresh uses for your energy. People have come to accept that life will wear itself out as they age. But this is hardly inevitable, even if you look at yourself in materialistic terms. You have a powerful ally on your side, your mind that must be used to keep on building. Never ending creativity is the goal. In practical terms, this means, fighting against boredom, routine, and repetition. Find creative openings at every level of your life as follows:

  • Family life

  • Relationships

  • Work

Your vision is the part of your life that encompasses pure possibility. Build on your vision every day and reach beyond your boundaries. As time unfolds, material life recedes. Having a vision provides insurance that a void isn't waiting at the end of the journey. The miracle is that by dedicating yourself to your vision, you are swept up in the cosmic force of evolution itself which has no beginning or end.

Commit Yourself to Deeper Awareness

Imagine that it is a starry night in June after the moon has gone down. Walk until you have a piece of open ground. Lie on your back and gaze up to the heavens. Can you see yourself in that position? Now think this thought, "There is infinity in all directions, and I am at the center of it. This is true. Every minute of our life, eternity stretches before you and behind you. Having absorbed those two ideas, it's hard to feel bound by space and time. Yet there's one more layer to add. Close your eyes, go inside and think this thought: The silence I experience is the source of infinity and eternity.

All the teachings of the greatest spiritual traditions come down to that thought. Jesus and Buddha are linked by knowing that awareness is the source of all that is, was, and ever will be. At your source, time depends on you, not the other way around. Every event that occurs depends on you.

A new sense of self dawns when your belief in yourself is secure, as you experience awareness, go inside and meet yourself.

~Taken from the book "Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra

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